Hi, my name is Todd Stout and welcome to raisingbutterflies.org!! 

I have had over 30 years experience raising butterflies here in the Western U.S. and have had the privilege of learning and sharing techniques and experiences with the Utah Lepidopterists' Society members.

My credentials include:

  • Past Utah Lepidopterists' Society President and Webmaster
  • Past Lepidopterists' Society Vice President
  • Past Board Member of the International Butterfly Breeders Association
  • University of Florida Research Associate
  • Described a New Subspecies of Anthocharis julia in Colorado
  • Utah Bug Club Founder                                        More

The raising butterflies suite of websites and blogs are designed to encourage butterfly gardeners and naturalists to give butterfly rearing a try as well as provide detailed information for lepidopterists and breeders.  Click on links below to visit the Raising Butterflies Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages.

Please email me at todd@raisingbutterflies.org if you have any questions!!