International Butterfly Breeders Association

Founded in 1998, IBBA is the largest and oldest professional butterfly farming trade association. Membership brings valuable knowledge, training and business benefits.  

Butterfly Wing Bling

Butterfly Wing Bling's elegant jewelry made out of butterfly wings includes bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, watches, and many other butterfly-themed items.  They also provide crystal clear acrylic butterfly boxes displaying both the forewings and hindwings of exotic butterflies.   

Butterflies of America

Thorough website devoted to the study and enjoyment of American butterflies; currently showing over 80,000 photographs of over 3100 species.  BOA is a comprehensive online resource that includes information on taxonomy and identification, distribution and habitat, life history and bibliography for all butterfly taxa in America, including species, subspecies and undescribed geographic variants from Alaska and arctic Canada through Panama, Hawaii, and almost all Caribbean Islands.

The Butterfly Boutique

Nigel Venters and Butterfly Boutique offer learning opportunities to interest anyone who breeds or just enjoys butterflies from all over the world.  Nigel's breeding classes bring over 55 years of breeding expertise to share best practices. 

Wild Utah--Butterflies and Moths

Nature photographer Nicky Davis shares thousands of breathtaking up-close photos which include adults, habitat, and life history photos of the butterflies of Utah and beyond.

The Butterflies of the World Foundation

The Butterflies of the World Foundation (BOTWF) is dedicated to improving public awareness of the conservation of butterflies and butterfly habitat and enhancing public enjoyment of butterflies through educational programs and presentations using world-class photography.

Butterfly Rescue International

Have you ever found an injured butterfly or caterpillar and wanted to help it but didn’t know how? Butterfly Rescue International to the rescue! The Butterfly WebSite & butterfly expert Rick Mikula have compiled this group of butterfly experts from around the world who appreciate your love for butterflies and are here to help you help them.

Obsession With Butterflies

Obsession with Butterflies was created as a means of spreading an awareness of butterflies and the need to preserve their natural habitats. By providing information on Butterfly Life Cycles and Butterfly Gardening, we hope to interest and educate others about these enchanting creatures. Please visit their blog and shop!